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  • Initial code-insight in JavaFx .fxml files
  • In-editor preview of the first autopopup completion variant
    Can be accepted by Enter or Tab, not by dot (Ctrl+Dot works instead), space and other chars
  • Completion can be used to override/implement methods in Java
  • Support of Gradle wrapper
  • Improved outdated libraries processing for gradle-backed projects
  • Configurable Gradle home location
  • Byte Code Viewer available in Community Edition
  • Initial support for new graph inference available in latest java 8 lambda builds (> b. 75)
  • Spring: mixed filesets (annotation/XML), "parent" dependencies across modules buggy see below, highlight circular dependencies, configuration UI improvements
  • Spring: smarter "create unresolved bean" quickfixes (XML)
  • Spring Web Flow: JSP: smarter variables resolving/performance enhancements, support index access notation for <binding>
  • Plugin Development: "Register extension" quickfix on an unused class that implements an extension point interface, to put correct registration into plugin.xml automatically
  • Diff: "Go to file" action in diff dialog
  • Git: improved Git executable detection on Windows; multiple usability fixes in cherry-pick.