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General Info




Apache 2.0


free, open source


This plugin allows to limit

the number of
concurrently running builds from different build configurations based on defined "resources" and "locks".
Current version supports multiple read and write locks per build configuration.

Plugin Development Status

In active development. Everybody is encouraged to try the plugin and provide feedback in the forum or post bugs into the issue tracker.


Install the plugin as usual.

Managing resources

Resource is a named entity that is defined per project. Build configurations can lock resources during execution of build steps. To create a resource, head to project configuration page. There choose 'SharedResources' tab.
Resources can have quota - maximum number of concurrent read locks. Example below shows two resources: one with quota, one without.

Managing locks

There are two types of locks supported: read locks and write locks. Read locks are shared (multiple builds with read locks are allowed), write locks are exclusive (only a single running build with a write lock is allowed).

  • To add a lock, head to a build stem in your build configuration, that requires locks.
  • Add a build feature 'Shared Resources management'
  • Use dialog to add necessary locks
  • If you want to define additional resources, you can do it in-place

Information in build queue

  • To see locks in effect, head to build queue page. Screenshot below shows a build waiting fo lock
TODO: add description of build parameters defined

TeamCity Versions Compatibility

TeamCity 7.0+


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