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{note}{*}YouTrack 4.1 (Time Tracking) Early Access Program is closed\! Please* *[download|]* *the currently released YouTrack 4.1 builds.*{note}

YouTrack InCloud 4.1 EAP Instance

Welcome to YouTrack InCloud Time Tracking EAP Sandbox instance. You can check the brand new time tracking functionality on live projects and issues or create your own project. Log in as a Guest user or Register a new user account. We suggest you reading this blog post (—-welcome-youtrack-4-1-eap) for more details about upcoming Time Tracking.

YouTrack Stand-Alone 4.1 EAP Builds

YouTrack 4.1 is focused on Time Tracking capabilities (see the original feature request), which is very anticipated by you, our users. It also will contain other improvements (e.g. github integration settings will become available in YouTrack's UI), but the main part is Time Tracking.
The feature is not yet fully implemented, and we would highly appreciate your feedback, comments and suggestions. Please share your opinion with us!