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Source code that dotPeek decompiles is presented as C#. The source code view area has the look-and-feel of editor tabs in Visual Studio, with line numbers, options for word wrap and outlining, white space marks, and tabs to open different types in. To set outlining options, set of switch off word wrap and tweak other source code view area options to your liking, consider playing with menu items available through View > Outlining and View > Options. You might also want to glance through Tools > Options.

Code syntax is highlighted ReSharper-style, with distinctive colors for properties, types, accessors, and methods.


Similar to ReSharper, you can choose to highlight matching delimiters with a color or an outline. This and other ReSharper-style source code view area options can be set via File Tools > Options .

titleKnown Issue

Highlighting matching delimiters with an outline doesn't work in early dotPeek builds.

> Environment Editor.

Another noticeable ReSharper-like feature gets handy when you want to select a part of decompiled code, and is called Extend/Shrink Selection. Using a dedicated shortcut (by default, Ctrl+Alt+Right) lets you successively select expanding blocks of code, starting from a substring of a symbol, on to a statement, line, code block, and all the way to the entire code file. A pair shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+Left) works the opposite way, successively narrowing a selection. Read more about this functionality as it is implemented in ReSharper.