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JetBrains is also providing decompiling functionality as part of ReSharper, the renowned productivity tool for Visual Studio.

Distribution Options

dotPeek is available for download in two distributions: an .msi installer and a .zip archive.
The installer-based distribution is a safe bet if you want to use dotPeek on a single PC and take advantage of automatic version management.

The .zip distribution is a better fit if you prefer to share dotPeek between multiple machines - for example, using a Dropbox folder.

Both distributions are functionally equivalent except for the way you configure Windows Explorer integration.

General Features

For all features described below, default keyboard shortcuts are specified. By default, dotPeek uses the Visual Studio shortcut scheme derived from ReSharper. dotPeek also provides another shortcut scheme familiar to ReSharper users - that is, the IntelliJ IDEA scheme. You can switch between those schemes via File > Options.


To enable Windows Explorer integration, choose Tools > Options, and select Integrate with Windows Explorer under Environment > General.

This has an additional implication: whether you choose to integrate dotPeek with Windows Explorer is now set from the installer, not from dotPeek Options.

Viewing the Source Code

Source code that dotPeek decompiles is presented as C#. The source code view area has the look-and-feel of editor tabs in Visual Studio, with line numbers, options for word wrap and outlining, white space marks, and tabs to open different types in.