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  • What's new in MPS 2.5 M1

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Make process improvements


mps.* ANT tasks were reimplemented to eliminate dependency on IDEA platform modules. This should reduce loading time and so speedup mps.* tasks execution.

Editor improvements

  • Table selection improvements (check if it was done in 2.5)
  • Table column selection


MPS.Classpath was split into: MPS.Core, MPS.Editor, MPS.Platform and MPS.Workbench


  • Moving code from plug-in aspect to separate solutions
  • Solution types (plug-in/core/editor)

Version control

More reliable merge conflict handling


Additionaly, we've prepared a list of a couple dozen tricks you could learn through the Tip of the Day window to become more fluent with the MPS editor:


If you are already using MPS in your projects, it definitely make sense to read our migration guide with the detailed description of migration process.