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All generation-time errors are prorated propagated into the Messages view just like any View alongside all other compilation problems with . You also have the possibility to navigate to the corresponding model elements by clicking on the displayed error:

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Unfortunately it's not It is not yet possible to directly run a program using represented by an MPS nodes right node - the generated code should be used to execute the program , but it is possible instead. However, we've already implemented the ability to set a breakpoint directly inside the DSL code and so the IntelliJ IDEA debugger will be stopped in the appropriate place allowing you to explore the stack trace and the variables:

Version Control

Just like When comparing versions or resolving conflicts in MPS models, you can use rely on the MPS structural diff/merge tool working upon MPS models and rendering , just like in MPS. The tool will render the model content in a domain specific rather then the persistence-specific way:


Most of the common MPS actions/refactorings/intentions are available in the IntelliJ IDEA plugin from now and accessible with usual shortcuts like and you can invoke them with the usual keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl+L for importing a language):


The MPS plugin distribution contains 4 separate plugins now, so some at the moment. Some of the MPS functionality can be easily switched off by disabling the corresponding plugins in the Plugins configuration dialog. At the same time, user-specific DSLs can also be packaged as a separate plugins and potentially distributed together with the MPS plugins to provide IDEA developers with deliver your own powerful DSL features to the IntelliJ IDEA developers.