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When adding a new productivity guide tip, please follow the following guidelines:

  1. . Create an html file describing the tip and place it in /workbench/resources_en/source/tips. Please follow the styles used by other tips.
  2. . List your new html file in /workbench/resources_en/source/tips/tips.xml to make it part of the Tip of the day dialog
  3. . Add a call to FeatureUsageTracker.getInstance().triggerFeatureUsed("my.key"); into the apropriate action to indicate use of the feature to the productivity guide, where my.key is an identifier for the productivity tip that you create or re-use.
  4. . Add a display name to the key in /workbench/resources_en/source/messages/FeatureStatisticsBundle.proeprties
  5. . Register a productivity guide entry in /workbench/resources/source/ProductivityFeaturesRegistry.xml mapping the id to the html page