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Decompiled code is better than nothing (especially if it's decompiled with dotPeek) but sometimes you want to explore an assembly exactly the way it had been originally written, and be able to read comments its developers have made. Sometimes dotPeek can help with that: it is able to get symbol information and recreate source code from Microsoft Reference Source Center and You can try calling Navigate > Navigate To > Sources from Symbol Files on a type or member and see if symbol information for this particular assembly is available. You can even go as far as make downloading symbol files the default action for Go to declaration - to do that go to File > Options and select Allow downloading from remote locations.

titleKnown Issue

As of early EAP testing, Microsoft Reference Source Server frequently rejects download requests from dotPeek. One particular side effect of this behavior is that the EULA dialog box is shown multiple times before a PDB download is finally rejected. We're looking to find ways to improve this highly annoying behavior.

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