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The general rules for testing is that for particular types of plug-in items, you get corresponding base classes. For example, to test Live Template Macros, the ReSharper SDK provides a base class called MacroTestBase. By inheriting this class, you can override its members in order to, e.g., specify input and expected output files. Please note that base classes also 'branch off' in terms of what functionality of a particular feature they test. For example, when testing a context action, you have a base class which tests the availability of a context action, and another base class for testing its actual effects.

Important note: both the SDK and ReSharper itself come with their versions of NUnit. It is paramount that the versions of these two NUnit installations do not have identical version numbers. The same applies to situations where you are not using the test target file, but are rather adding the NUnit references yourself - you must ensure that the version of the NUnit you are using does not match that of the one used by the R# test runner.

Test Environment Assembly