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Plugin Description

Adds support of .NET Package Managers for NuGet to TeamCity.
In current state it provides first-class support of NuGet. The plugin is bundled starting with first EAP release of TeamCity 7.0.

Supported features:

  • NuGet packages installer build runner:
    • installs packages according to David Ebbo post allowing to use NuGet without committing packages to version control.
    • updates packages under solution with help of nuget update command
  • NuGet Dependency Trigger:
    • Build Trigger that starts a new build if package is updated
  • Report used packages in build results tab
  • Publish packages build runner


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Plugin is compatible with TeamCity 6.5 and newer


From GitHub
Builds at
Download latest build of plugin here Latest successful build

From A mirror of the sources at GitHub


  • First build .Net part of the plugin: msbuild nuget-extensions/nuget-extensions.sln /t:Rebuild /p:Configuration=Relese
  • build 'plugin-zip' in IDEA project.


  • Release
  • Then Java part and TeamCity plugin distribution: open the sources in InteliJ IDEA and build artifact plugin-zip

Installation instructions:


Copy into <TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins


Issue tracker

We need your feedback and usage scenarios.
Feel free to post issues to YouTrack or email to or use GitHubdirectory (more on this).


Like the feature or want an improvement? Found a bug?
Please send Feedback for the plugin as for bundled functionality, just note the plugin version that you use.

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