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No subsystem


IDEA-6997555104 (Bug)

Jetty integration - support Jetty 7.4.1

WI-6515 (Bug)

Application not responding

IDEA-69923 (Bug)

unnecessary tooltip animation

IDEA-69894 (Bug)

IDEA 10.5 seems to freeze a lot

IDEA-70362 (Bug)

Frequent long pauses/freeze since upgrading to 10.5

WI-6368 (Bug)

Exception with SVN annotations

IDEA-70430 (Bug)

Ignore files and folders no longer case sensitive

Usability Problem)

Select svn:ignore patterns to remove usability

IDEA-69631 (Bug)

Inspection 'Mismatched query and update of StringBuilder' false when append in return

IDEA-69402 (Bug)

'for' loop replaceable with 'for each' inspection incorrectly marks ListIterator usage as replaceable

WI-6365 (Bug)

SCSS syntax highlighting and code folding not working

IDEA-70623 (Bug)

Inspections: applying quick-fix creates unexpected changes to result tree

IDEA-70887 (Bug)

Failed suggestion while entering a breakpoint condition

IDEA-69607 (Bug)

"Find in Path" does not respect Custom scope selection

WI-6621 (Bug)

Valid SCSS parsing issues

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-6379668861 (Bug)

JPA inspection incorrectly reports missing arguments to functions

Code Navigation


IDEA-68591 (Bug)

"Go to..." popup - focus lost, cannot be closed with Esc and letters typed are flushed to editor after popup has been closed with a mouse click. 100% reproducible.

Compiling Project


IDEA-70441 (Bug)

If 'Rebuild Project' action is called just after moving/deleting some source file obsolete file copy will retain in artifact output directory



IDEA-70287 (Usability Problem)

Database result table: display/presentation issues

IDEA-70282 (Bug)

Data Source Connection properties: can not reset value to <null>

IDEA-69405 (Bug)

"Data Sources" toolwindow does not appear if the first datasource is created while IDE is open



IDEA-70200 (Bug)

Evaluate expression broken

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-68782 (Usability Problem)

Auto focus on caret after applying "Use soft wraps"

IDEA-70114 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.openapi.util.ProperTextRange.assertProperRange

Flex Support


IDEA-69646 (Feature)

Need ability to manage APK packaging options in AIR Mobile run configuration

IDEA-51527 (Usability Problem)

JS iteration live templates: show variants icons and types for collection popup

IDEA-70155 (Bug)

Flex: tests in FlexMojos modules compiled with link-report do not include all symbols

IDEA-70218 (Exception)

cannot perform "extract interface" refactoring: Unsupported case: "for each (var column:TableColumn in tableView.columns)

Google App Engine


IDEA-69684 (Bug)

App Engine shuts down after just after startup



IDEA-70400 (Feature)

'Go To Test' for Grails 1.4 tests using @TestFor

IDEA-69625 (Bug)

Properties from parent are not visible in subclass in Domain Classes

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-70197 (Feature)

Jetty Integration - run configuration UI to allow auto-undeploy of all artifacts before server shutdown

Maven Integration


IDEA-70047 (Feature)

Attach Classes from Repository should attach dependencies sources as well

PHP frameworks


WI-6117 (Bug)

Phing logger "phing.listener.AnsiColorLogger" display with wrong escape codes

PHP lang


WI-1201 (Feature)

autocomplete Exception classes only after throw new

WI-6398 (Usability Problem)

Unqualified classname completion with same names

WI-3667 (Usability Problem)

Statement start preview only shows single brace if code style is set on "braces on new line"

WI-6465 (Task)

Add a Help button and map a help-id to it

WI-6415 (Bug)

Inspection: Unused local variable when assigning null to a variable to free memory

WI-6158 (Bug)

Incorrect illegal array key type inferrence (for object properties)

WI-119 (Bug)

TODO pattern is not recognized inside of PHPDOC comments

WI-6232 (Bug)

Update PHPDoc comment works wrong (formatting)

WI-6451 (Bug)

Wrong phpDoc for _()

WI-6333 (Bug)

Empty PhpDoc generated for Interface's method



WI-6469 (Bug)

CSS @charset makes editor hang



WI-6505 (Performance Problem)

Abysmal performance with javascript files, eventually crash

WI-6489 (Bug)

JavaScript: Constructor returning value gets flagged as error.

Project View


IDEA-60082 (Bug)

Invalid nodes appear in Project Tree after Undo Move a class from a file if the class has usages in the current file



IDEA-70413 (Bug)

Unable to undo new class from usage creation (and constructor with parameters)

User Interface


IDEA-63684 (Bug)

UI elements on panel toolbar dessapears

IDEA-69858 (Bug)

When creating a quicklist, the selected list items are blankMismatchedCollectionQueryUpdate should ignore collections not created within scope.

IDEA-70538 (Bug)

Inspection {'if' replaceable with 'switch'} catches comparsons to long

IDEA-70378 (Bug)

Inspection <'final' method in 'final' class> reports false warning for enum's knowing that enum members can override an enum overridable method

Flex Support


IDEA-70422 (Bug)

Unable to select Flash Player Debugger on Mac

IDEA-70584 (Bug)

Error using "Make Project" on flexmojos project



IDEA-70553 (Bug)

Incorrect error with Jquery Mobile

IDEA-70807 (Bug)

In Grails projects, provide quick switching to Spock tests (in addition to JUnit tests)

IDEA-70795 (Bug)

Groovy method calls without parentheses but multiple params with the last being a closure



IDEA-70384 (Bug)

IDEtalk Jabber account settings lost after IDE restart



IDEA-67711 (Bug)

JavaScript "find usage" works incorrectly when function is used in "javascript:" protocol

PHP lang


WI-6533 (Bug)

Wrong "unused private field" warning / offer (and provide a way) to convert such private field into CONST

WI-6484 (Bug)

Parameter documentation is inconsistently added

WI-6132 (Bug)

LESS support broken

WI-6345 (Bug)

PHP: Extract Method Refactoring applied to a code block that ends with a line comment drops the comment, linefeed and closing brace from resulted code

WI-6344 (Bug)

PHP: Code Completion for imported classes shouldn't inserts fully qualified name

WI-6543 (Bug)

TODO isn't highlighted properly when used inside of phpdoc



WI-3082 (Performance Problem)

CSS inspections (in batch) are too RAM-heavy, too much time got spent in GC

WI-6422 (Bug)

Reformat CSS can cut long lines in the middle



WI-6540 (Bug)

Improper indentation in JavaScript at edit time

WI-6594 (Bug)

[javascript] function name is completed to function call inside 'instanceof' check



IDEA-70932 (Bug)

IDEA hangs during safe delete.

IDEA-70440 (Bug)

StringBuilder Refactoring fails, if error inside

Task Management


IDEA-67877 (Bug)

Redmine Task integration uses wrong GET param for limiting results

User Interface


IDEA-70843 (Bug)

Inspections dialog is too small for native GTK+ LAF

Version Control. Git


IDEA-70029 (Usability Problem)

Github plugin fails and don't report error

IDEA-69427 (Task)

Map help id to Logn to GitHub dialog box

IDEA-69853 (Bug)

Git fetch in "Rebase and Push" hangs forever if a conflict happened during rebase.

IDEA-69702 (Bug)

Git: renamed file appears twice in Changes View on modifying

IDEA-69768 (Bug)

Git integration: Correct processing for attempt to show diff for the first revision

IDEA-70232 (Bug)

GitHub clone does not support repository names with periods.

IDEA-69855 (Exception)

NPE when closing project