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  • TeamCity 6.5 Release Notes

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  • TW-2675 - When no project is opened, TeamCity menu items are not shown, should be disabled instead
  • TW-7933 - Paraphrasing and corrections in a notification for "Perforce" settings tab
  • TW-13679 - UI artifacts of IDEA plugin using GTK Look and feel.
  • TW-13847 - TeamCity WI: Changes to the Responsibility dialog.
  • TW-14028 - NUnit crash message inconsistent
  • TW-14048 - Refine "Server communication failure" dialog
  • TW-14121 - Align VCS root list in "Label this build" dialog
  • TW-14332 - Review alignments at maintenance mode pages
  • TW-15020 - Use new platform scrollbars
  • TW-15102 - Misspelling on Local Changes dialog
  • TW-15338 - Incorrect Grammar on Error Message
  • TW-15798 - Rename button "Recreate database
  • TW-15928 - Improve incompatibility message text
  • TW-15966 - Add svn files dialog width should be enough to show default message
  • TW-16123 - Typos in generation dotCover report build log
  • TW-16162 - Don't show exception name in login error when server in maintenance mode
  • TW-16282 - Installer Typo
  • TW-16356 - "/>" is show in responsibility popup under chrome
  • TW-16372 - Remove excessive capitalization in "Free disk space requirement" build log message
  • TW-16533 - Perforce settings looks ugly under IE9
  • TW-16595 - Rename Investigate/Mute action into Investigation/Mute
  • TW-16696 - Change popup icon in diff view
  • TW-16740 - Text clipping in My Changes pane warning
  • TW-16868 - Type field in Maven Artifact Dependency Trigger has default value and there is no need in separate label for that