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  • Other code helpers
    • insert closing tag in typing '>'
    • insert pared brace or quote
    • comment code block with Ctrl+Shift+'/'
    • comment line with Ctrl + '/'
    • insert predefined code construct (customize at Settings/IDE Settings/Live Templates/ColdFusion), for instance typing 'cfo' + Tab inserts cfoutput paired tags and place the cursor inside them
    • parameter info is shown for functions (Ctrl+P inside '()' of function call)
    • folding (code blocks in scripts and paired tags can be folded) - use tickets on the left or Ctr+'' and Ctrl'-' hotkeys
    • explicitly define class type of java instances
    • JavaLoader support
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  • MXUnit test framework support
    • to install MXUnit just unpack mxunit sources under coldfusion root
    • write a test (a component with public test methods, that extends 'mxunit.framework.TestCase')
    • create MXUnit run configuration
    • specify web path to your test-component and absolute path to test-component's file (you may also run directory of test-components and a particular method)
    • run
    • benefits:
      • navigation from tests tree to source code (Double Click or F4)
      • navigation from stack trace to source code (Double Click on File Reference)
      • tests statistics
      • rerun failed option
    • here is how it looks like