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  • Navigate > Find Usages (Alt+F7): This finds all usages of a symbol (method, property, local variable etc.) from its any occurrence, be it a declaration or one of its usages. You can invoke this command from the code view area, from the Assembly Explorer, or any other tool window. If more than a single usage is found, all usages are fetched to the Find Results tool window where you can group them in different ways, navigate between them, and open in the code view area. You can learn more about Find Usages on ReSharper web site.
  • Navigate > Usages of Symbol (Ctrl+Alt+F7): This is a modification on Find Usages that shows a pop-up with all found usages instead of flushing them to Find Results. This is handy when you have a limited set of usages from which you can quickly pick the one you need. It is also available via the Navigate To drop-down menu.
  • Navigate > Find Usages Advanced (Shift+Alt+F7): This is a zoomed-in version of Find Usages that allows you to fine-tune search criteria by limiting the scope of search and other characteristics.
titleKnown Issue

As of early EAP, the Find Usages Advanced dialog box contains ReSharper-specific items. These items will be removed in subsequent EAP builds.

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