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  • Introducing JetBrains dotPeek

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dotPeek goes public for the first time on TuesdayWednesday, May 1011, as JetBrains open an Early Access Program that implies regular publishing of pre-release builds.


dotPeek also provides Go to File (Navigate > Go to File or Ctrl+Shift+N) to quickly open files and folders. It is limited to temporary files from dotPeek decompiled code cache, so you can use it as an extended tab switcher that not only works with currently opened code files but also takes into account any tabs that you've ever opened beforeduring the current dotPeek session.

Context-Sensitive Navigation Between Symbols in Decompiled Code


dotPeek offers the same capabilities of searching for elements items in decompiled code as ReSharper offers in source code inside Visual Studio. Here's the list of features serving to find all references to a certain symbol:

  • Navigate > Find Usages of Symbol (Shift+Alt+F12F7): Select any symbol and right-click the mouse for the context menu or use the keyboard shortcut to find all usages of the current selected symbol, allowing quick navigation to the selected item.

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  • Find Usages (Shift+F12): In the Assembly Explorer, right click on any type or use keyboard shortcut to select Find Usages and get a tabbed tool window with the usages of the selected item. Image Removed
  • Find Usages Advanced (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F12): Ability to fine tune the usages scenario by limiting This finds all usages of a symbol (method, property, local variable etc.) from its any occurrence, be it a declaration one of its usages. You can invoke this command from the code view area from the Assembly Explorer. If more than a single usage is found, all usages are fetched to the Find Results tool window where you can group them in different ways, navigate between them, and open in the code view area. You can learn more about Find Usages on ReSharper web site.
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  • Navigate > Usages of Symbol (Ctrl+Alt+F7): This is a modification on Find Usages that shows a pop-up with all found usages instead of flushing them to Find Results. This is handy when you have a limited number of usages from which you can quickly pick the one you need. It is also available via the Navigate To drop-down menu.
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  • Navigate > Find Usages Advanced (Shift+Alt+F7): This is a zoomed-in version of Find Usages that allows you to fine tune search criteria by limiting its scope and other characteristics.


When it comes to customizing your workspace within dotPeek, you do need the mouse but otherwise, it's plain easy and familiar. Tool windows behave the same way they do in Visual Studio: they can be left floating or docked in multiple positions. Find Results and Type Hierarchy support multiple tabs, allowing you to have several set of search results or hierarchies open at the same time, and File Structure content can be filtered to only display results that match a search string:

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