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  • Introducing JetBrains dotPeek

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Searching in Decompiled Code


dotPeek offers the same capabilities of searching for elements in decompiled code as ReSharper offers in code inside Visual Studio.

  • Usages of Symbol (Shift+Alt+F12): Select any symbol and right-click the mouse for the context menu or use the keyboard shortcut to find all usages of the current selected symbol, allowing quick navigation to the selected item.

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  • Find Usages (Shift+F12): In the Assembly Explorer, right click on any type or use keyboard shortcut to select Find Usages and get a tabbed tool window with the usages of the selected item. Image Added
  • Find Usages Advanced (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F12): Ability to fine tune the usages scenario by limiting scope and other characteristics.

Other Features

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