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Path to a Rakefile file

Enter Rakefile path if you don't want to use a default one. Specified path should be relative to the build checkout directory.

Rakefile content

Type in the Rakefile content instead of using existing Rakefile. The new Rakefile will created dynamically from the specified content before running Rake.

Working directory

Optional. Specify if differs from the build checkout directory.

Rake tasks

Enter tasks names separated by space character if you don't want to use 'default' task.
For example, 'test:functionals' or 'mytask:test mytask:test2'.

Additional Rake command line parameters

Specified parameters will be added to 'rake' command line. The command line will have the following format:

Code Block
ruby rake <Additional Rake command line parameters> <TeamCity Rake Runner options, e.g TESTOPTS> <tasks>




Use default Ruby

Use Ruby interpreter settings defined in Ruby environment configurator build feature settings or interpreter will be searched in the PATH.

Ruby interpreter path

Path to Ruby interpreter. Path cannot be empty. In this field you can use values of environment and system variables. For example:

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RVM interpreter

Specify here the RVM interpreter name and optionally a gemset configured on a build agent.
Note, that interpreter name cannot be empty. If gemset isn't specified the default one will be used.





Allows to specify which rake gem to use for launching rake build.


If your application doesn't use latest installed (in Ruby sdk) test-unit gem version please specify it here. Otherwise Test::Unit test reporter may try to load incorrect gem version and affect runtime behavior. If test-unit gem is installed but you application uses Test::Unit bundled in Ruby 1.8.x SDK please set version value to 'built-in'.


Launches bundler emulation for specified bundler gem version (the gem should be already installed on an agent.


Customizes Gemfile if it isn't located in checkout directory root.


Sets BUNDLE_PATH if TeamCity doesn't fetch it correctly from Gemfile_<Gemfile containing _directorydirectory>/.bundle/config.

Rake support is implemented as an open-source plugin. For development links refer to the plugin's page.