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  • Omea Grenache Release Notes

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  • Toolbar buttons: Up/Down in the list (useful for Tablet PC owners) (1106)
  • Toolbar button: Assign Category (1106)
  • Unified place for entering search queries, press Ctrl-E for switching between search sources! (1106)
  • More usable "Assign Category" dialog: when navigating to the category by typing its prefix, now this snall search window is hidden whenever the category is selected, thus making it easier to select several categories.
  • Option for short resource Date/Time format - only Date is shown.
  • Modified splash screen - show plugin errors when they are registered and started up.
  • (In progress) "Assign Category" dialog has now new button and list - "Check as previous". This couple lets user to check the listed set of categories. This proved to be extremely handy while categorizing a large set of resources with the repeating set of categories. Please note however that UI is not polished and we ready for suggestions.
  • Autocomplete for Search combobox
  • Omea does not ask user for database and log files paths on startup since this information is useless for 99% of users. Others have a possibility to explicitely change datapath in the options dialog (as before).
  • Switch to .Net 2.0-styled menus (with icons on the left strip).
  • (In progress) Vertical buttons (attached to the application left and right sides) are removed completely. Instead of that more logical navigation between panes is implemented. This also allows to save space when there is only one Pane in the left sidebar.
  • Lesser startup delay before the first UI (splash) appears, some visual issues worked around.

Rules and Views

  • Rule and View which caused errors during their execution are shown greyed in the Rules Manager and Views Manager dialogs.
  • Every resource now remembers when it was deleted (non-destroying deletion). New condition now alows to construct vews using deletion timestamp.
  • (In progress) Views with text-index conditions are now also support counters for unread resources
  • (In progress) When text index is not present or is in the process of reconstruction, views whith text query conditions are marked with grey color indicating their unavailability.
  • (In progress) Even when Omea is configured to work without TextIndex or it has not been built yet, rules with text-index conditions will be processed correctly due to the completely rewritten interactions between the core and text index subsystem.


  • API for adding so called "Search Providers". They have unified UI for:
    • Visualizing themselves in the standard Search combobox - by name in the context menu, by icon in the menu and combobox;
    • Getting the query string;
    • Vizualize the results of the provider's action.
      Standard Ctrl-E shortcut enumerates standard and custom providers.
  • It should be noted that we decided not to keep obsolete or simply inadequate APIs, since there will be a huge amount of drastical changes anyway towards the Omea 3.


  • Switch Development tools: switch to .Net NET 3.5 / VS 2008.
  • Required runtime: switch to .NET 2.0 (3.0?).
  • Switch to TeamCity for build process.Switch to
  • Build scripts: switch to MSBuild as the main build script language, project files reused for source code compilation.
  • Source code control: switch to SVN (from Perforce).
  • Completely redesigned project structureCompletely new installer (Serge, please write a couple of lines?)
  • An installer based on the Windows Installer technology.

Other Fixes

  • Critical: some resources were missed in the Text Index. It is recommended to rebuild the index completely (build 1106)
  • Proper visualization of Excel and Word file previews (build 1106)
  • Fixed "error when parsing Cookies header" bug when subscribing to some feeds.
  • Removed duplicated indexing of email's text.
  • Ctrl-U works properly when the next item is inside the collapsed thread.