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titleIDEA versions

Some features may not be available in all versions.
IDEA 8 ("Diana") EAP or IDEA 9 Ultimate Edition ("Maia") EAP only.+ means "IDEA 8 or any higher version"

Please see Struts2PluginChangeNotes for more information.

titleGetting started

"Hello World" with Struts 2 and IntelliJ IDEA 8 - Detailed introductory blog post by Tabrez Iqbal


titleFileset configuration

struts-default.xml from struts2-core.jar as well as any struts-plugin.xml from plugins (e.g. Spring integration) have to be added additionally to the fileset. Also make sure to add all files used via <include>.
(warning) Many features will not NOT work if this setup has not been performed properly.

(tick) Dedicated facet with configuration options


Errors are highlighted immediately in the editor, additional validation is triggered for Make Project.
IDEA 7: see "Validation" tab in S2 facet for more options
IDEA 8/9+: see Settings->Compiler->Validation


(tick) Pageflow graph (struts.xml)

IDEA 8/9+
Graph of all relevant S2 elements.


Simply click on the action icon in the left editor bar to quickly open up the corresponding mapping(s) in struts.xml:
IDEA 8.1.1/IDEA 9+: also for Groovy

(minus) Highlight unused Actions, Quickfixes: Delete, Map in struts.xml


(plugin "JavaScript Support" must be enabled)
Enjoy the power of IDEA's powerful JavaScript-support within all S2 UI-tags.

(tick) CSS support

(IDEA 8/9+: plugin "CSS Support" must be enabled)
Define inline-styles (cssStyle) or reference existing CSS classes (cssClass).


(plus) Support Convention plugin

Sophisticated configuration properties support


(plugin "Struts 1.x" must be enabled)
IDEA 8.1.1/IDEA 9+
struts2-tiles-plugin.jar must be present as well as Tiles libraries. Configured tiles.xml-files will be set automatically as described in