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  • Eluru 6.0 EAP (build 15638) Release Notes

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  • Improved test reporting, including Gradle parallel test execution.
  • Gradle Wrapper scripts support. To use wrapper script "gradlew" just set appropriate checkbox on build step configuration page.
  • System properties defined in TeamCity are now available in Gradle build. These properties can be accessed via "teamcity" project attribute.
  • IntelliJ IDEA coverage engine is now supported for Gradle

Visual Studio Addin

For the past months our main focus for VS addin was performance. We've done several improvements and would like to see your feedback on that matter.

  • Startup performance improved
  • Local changes collecting performance improved
  • Subversion integration reworked

Eclipse plugin

  • Downloading patch to IDE available now. Right now it works for Eclipse plugin only, support for IntelliJ IDEA will be added too. Like "open in IDE" action, "download patch" can be invoked right from the web UI:

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  • Workspace resources shelving support. You can save your changes locally and restore them later:



  • Downloading patch to IDE available now. Invoke the action in a web UI and discover the patch in Eclipse:
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  • Rerun failed tests locally using TeamCity settings(system properties and environment variables):