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  • Property checkbox for a feed: "Download enclosures automatically" - you do not need to construct rules anymore (1106)
  • Ability to assign categories to a feed - these categories will be automatically assigned to every feed post.
  • Ability to add an annotation for a feed in the Properties dialog.
  • Automatic backup for RSS subscription list.


  • Contact information view contains a collapseable section with latest correspondence links.
  • Contact edit dialog is now split into three parts each of which contains a semantically structured set of fields to be entered (TODO: redesign telephone and email address blocks).
  • Block for editing person's full name is redesigned - now just a plain string is entered, and it is parsed into first, middle and last name automatically (though they can be manully reedited if necessary).
  • Contact can be associated with an Avatar picture. User can even submit a large picture which will be transformed into the smaller standard-sized thumbnail. Avatar is shown in the Links Pane when the correspondence from that contact is displayed.