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When reading POM data and and resolving artifact in an artifact trigger, TeamCity uses both global and user-level Maven settings.

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Which Maven settings is used by TeamCity when reading POM data and resolving artifacts in artifact trigger.

There are global and user-level Maven settings. When reading POM TeamCity tries to use both of them.

TeamCity looks for the global settings in the following locations (listed in order of priority)location:

1. ${env.M2_HOME}/conf/settings.xml (or ${system.maven.home}/conf/settings.xml) 2. ~.m2/settings.xml

For user-level settings TeamCity searches the following locations (listed in order of priority):

1. ~/.BuildServer/system/pluginData/maven/settings.xml
2. ~/.m2/settings.xml

where ~ denotes the user home directory.

To resolve artifacts, Maven artifact trigger should know repositories to look at.
If Maven artifact trigger is configured for a non-Maven build configuration, then it reads repository from locally stored settings obtained the way described earlier for POM reading.
Otherwise, the trigger takes repository list from the corresponding POM.