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  • Getting Started with IntelliJ IDEA Scala Plugin

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  1. Back to the Welcome Screen, click Create New Project. The good old IntellIJ IDEA New Project wizard apperas. Here you choose to create a new project from scratch:
  2. All you need is a Java Module with a name that makes sense, located somewhere you can find it later without spending a whole day digging through your entire hard drive, and the src directory that will store your source code:
  3. On top of that, select Scala on the Select Desired Technologies. By default all necessary jars will be downloaded automatically, but you also may pick them from already existing IDEA library or a secret place on your hard drive. Note the missing Scala API documentation - if you want to have the possibility to view documentation, you have to download it yourself. Image Removed
  4. It's possible to adjust a level of a library you want to create: Global or Project. If you plan to create other projects that involve it, select Global - it lets you share it anywhere on the current machine. Otherwise you can go with Project - it does not really matter for this example.