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PhpStorm & Web Storm 2.0 (Q4 2010) (lightbulb)

  • PHP (PhpStorm only!)
    • "Any framework" support mechanism via ability to supply extensive metadata about autoload & magic infrastructure (lightbulb)
    • Zend framework support (zendtool, generators, specific navigations)(lightbulb)
    • Zend debugger support (question)
    • Refactoring: Smart introduce field(tick) / constant(tick) , inline variable(lightbulb) , safe delete(lightbulb) .
    • Advanced code inspection (lightbulb)
    • full fledged PHP namespace support
  • CSS
    • LESS support (lightbulb)
    • SASS 3 support (lightbulb)
  • Language Injection (lightbulb) ** New editor of injected fragments (tick)
  • Version control support
    • New DVCS UI (Git, etc) with easy multiple repository branch switching, built-in log views and integrated cherrypicking, etc. (lightbulb)
    • Softwrap in code editor(lightbulb) , spellchecking an completion in all controls (i.e. commit dialog) (lightbulb)
    • Mercurial support (lightbulb)
  • Other
    • Streamlined UI: more compact layout, better indication, better blending into OS style.
    • RelaxNG support (tick)
  • Under consideration (question) ** Flex (advanced coding assistance for ActionScript, MXML, code completion, inspections, etc) (question)** Property files / Freemarker / Velocity templates recognition (question)

PhpStorm & Web Storm 1.0 (Q2 2010) (tick)

  • JavaScript (laguage standard 1.6 with partial 1.7) (tick) **
    • Editing (syntax, code completion, code inspections, etc.) (tick)
    • Refactoring (tick)
    • Go to symbol, declaration (tick)
    • Structure view (tick)
  • CSS (tick)
  • PHP (PhpStorm only!) (lightbulb)** full 5.3 syntax support (tick)
    • scope-aware code completion (lightbulb)
    • PHP refactorings: rename, introduce variable.
    • advanced code inspections (visibility, type checking, etc) (lightbulb)
    • Language injection - SQL in PHP (lightbulb) , RegExp in PHP (lightbulb)
    • support for any type of outer language - HTML, CSS, XML, SQL, etc..(tick)
    • Frameworks & libs: Smarty(tick) (check FAQ on other framework support)
  • SQL (PhpStorm only!) (tick)** syntax and error highlighting (tick) ** keywords, table and column names completion (tick)
    • SQL Console (tick)
    • generic SQL (SQL-92) (tick)
    • MySQL (tick)
    • SQLite (tick)
  • Spell Checker (tick)
  • FTP/SFTP sync (tick)
  • XSLT
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(question) - Under Investigation
(lightbulb) - In Progress