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Multiple Build Runners

It is a feature request with the most votes in our tracker and we are listening: here are the multiple runners per single build configuration.
Now you can add many steps into a build. The steps are executed one after another, the build gets merged status and the output goes into the same build log

We are still working on the feature but the most important is already there: try and give feedback.

New IntelliJ IDEA Project Runner Improvements

Now you can specify an IntelliJ IDEA shared run configuration to run inside TeamCity build. Supported are JUnit, TestNG and Application run configuration types. The run configurations should be shared and checked into the version control.

IntelliJ IDEA plugin Improvements

  • build log TeamCity plugin now highlights stacktraces and file names
  • you can now assign responsibility to other users form the plugin
  • build compilation errors are displayed in the build results pane in a separate tab with navigation to source code
  • plugin prompts for login on remote run action invocation

Code Coverage In Eclipse Plugin

If you gather code coverage on TeamCity using bundled support for IDEA code coverage or EMMA code coverage engines, you can now view the coverage in Eclipse. Use "Show Code Coverage Data" from TeamCity menu and select one of the build configurations with code coverage enabled.


  • Command line runner now supports shell/bat script specification right in the web UI
  • Assign responsibility list displays project committers first
  • View agent logs in Web UI
  • Mono can now be detected on Mac OS X
  • Agent's "System properties" and "Environment variables" tabs were reworked into single "Agent Parameters" tab.
  • Build configuration requirements editing page is redesigned, requirements on configuration parameters are now supported
  • Build artifacts can now be hidden from user on web UI (just publish them into ".teamcity" subdirectory).
  • Initial dotCover integration is added