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Some valuable changes were introduces to different MPS core languages in MPD MPS 1.5. We are listing these changes below grouped by language. You can read MPS 1.5 documentation for the details concerning these changes:


  • Generate in parallel (available in String mode only)
  • Save generation dependencies (experimental) in this mode next code generation session will not include those model roots which were not changed
  • Model generation performance report

Integration with existing languages

In previous versions of MPS, we used so-called "stub" models to reference code written in Java and there was no possibility to do the same thing for a new language. In MPS 1.5 the stubs aspect was added to a language - using it, one can describe how to "load" an external code of a language into MPS to be able to reference existing non-MPS code from MPS.

Other improvements

In addition to all the features above MPS 1.5 contains a number of other improvements listed below:

  • DSL for creating and editing GWT client application manifests
  • DSL for adding Type Extension Methods
  • Couple of Base language extensions
    • Checked dots
    • Overloaded operators
    • Custom constructors
  • API for integrating arbitrary low-level programming language capable for loading existing code and exposing it in MPS
  • improved error reporting - references out of search scope are marked with the error in editor