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  • TeamCity 5.1.2 Release Notes

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  • TW-10489 - Long builds Git checking for changes stage
  • TW-9574 - Git : Build hangs forever during stage called "Checking for changes"
  • TW-12143 - Git checking for changes threads can hang (patched jgit 0.7.1 case)
  • TW-12086 - Run custom build from main page occasionally does not work
  • TW-9135 - Starving snapshot builds
  • TW-12161 - Cannot run MSBuild under Mono: Unable to find build property system.Mono2.0 required to locate mono instance on the agent
  • TW-11831 - Jabber: Support disabling the Jabber notifier
  • TW-11158 - User sees link to the group details but clicking the link produces "You do not have enough permissions to modify group roles"
  • TW-11906 - Non-existent artifact path does not log a message in the build log anymore
  • TW-12029 - Command line remote run tool version is @Plugin_Version@
  • TW-11776 - Make changes detection messages of MavenSnapshotDependencyTrigger debug level
  • TW-11968 - Build Scheduler Starting Builds on Change
  • TW-5540 - Ctrl+Enter does not commit dialog in web under some browsers
  • TW-11998 - Password for vcs root account corrupted when upgrading to 5.1.1 from 4.5.1
  • TW-11840 - Command Line Runner working directory has changed
  • TW-12047 - A build can be triggered excluding last git merge commit
  • TW-11997 - No link to documentation from Schedule cron trigger
  • TW-11996 - NPE on saving cron trigger
  • TW-11995 - Cron trigger that should never trigger a build triggers builds all the time
  • TW-11963 - Create Build Configuration From template pop up has text boxes that extend past the form border when using Chrome browser
  • TW-11740 - User without role "System administrator" can reset "JavaScript/CSS cache"
  • TW-11799 - Document Maven Code Coverage
  • TW-11304 - "git.executable.path" agent property does not support references
  • TW-11817 - Having NCover enabled causes NullRef Exception
  • TW-11828 - stack trace when navigating to issue log
  • TW-11794 - Change log's "Show builds" option is shared between Project and Build configuration change log