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  • Benares EAP (build 5813) Release Notes

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In our effort to provide the best user experience we have started reworking layout of some pages. This release introduces the new build results page header appearance:

We are open to feedback and appreciate if you can share your opinion with us!


  • Authorized or Unauthorized. Agent should be authorized to be allowed to run the builds. This prevents "alien" agents from getting sources and allows System Administrators to control what agents are included into the build grid.
  • Enabled or Disabled. Server can automatically assign a new build to compatible enabled agent. However, builds can be manually assigned to disabled agents. This is particularly useful for "debugging" specific agents or preventing build running on the agent temporarily.
  • Connected or Disconnected. Connected state designates running agent software.

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  • Improved "Builds with my changes" notifications: no notification when build was already broken on the time you committed and you did not fail any more changes; eliminating notifications on newly failed tests after your commit (turned on by "Ignore failures not caused by my changes" option of the failed build notification)
  • StarTeam support improved (e.g. now there is no requirement to have time synchronized between TeamCity server and StarTeam server, more accurate file deletion detection)
  • Unauthorized agent status