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  • Execution of sql statements can be fired directly from the editor gutter against the database mapped to the editor
  • Sticky linkage between statements in editor and execution result (navigation from the editor to the result and backwards is ensured even if the file is being edited)
  • Sortable query results in tabular form
  • Export of query results to file or to clipboard in several formats (sql insert statements, .xls, .csv)
  • Message window for failed statement executions
  • Executed statement preview window (useful when the underlying statement has been changed in editor)
  • Transaction awareness on execution of data manipulation statements (commit and rollback controls are being enabled for the corresponding connection)
  • Compiler engine for database program objects (functions, procedures, triggers, packages, types) **
  • Method execution engine with persistency of input values and detailed output panelfor functions and stored procedures
  • Method execution history (execution arguments are persisted and can be reviewed/reused/deleted at any time)

Note: Configuration of execution processes is still pending.

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