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Can assign user a role for every project.

User can be assigned a "role" in any TeamCity project, or a global role.



Project viewer


Project developer


Project administrator


Agent manager

Global role. Allows to enable/disable agents.

All projects administrator

Global role. Allows to edit all projects's settings. Includes "Agent manager" role.

System administrator

Global role. All administration tasks are available for this role.

Existing users become developers for all existing projects. Please note that users do not get roles in newly created projects, so the role in the new project should be assigned to them via user's profile.

Stay tuned for the more powerful UI to ease group operations for assigning user roles.


  • Setting the frequency of querying the version controls for changes (adjustable on server-wide or single VCS root levels)
  • Ability to request immediate changes checking
  • Administration page with the list of all VCS roots configured in the TeamCity.
  • Search by tags and project/Build configuration names
  • RSS feeds can now be generated only for failed/successful builds and with changes of particular user. See feed "customize" link on My Settings and Tools page.
  • Remote run support for StarTeam, ClearCase and Visual Source Safe from IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Support for different URLs for accessing SVN server from server and IDEs (no configuration required)