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Benares EAP

Welcome to the cutting edge (smile)

Current build:


???? released ??? ?? 2007 | Download | Changes

This version of TeamCity will contain many additional features comparing with TeamCity 12.2 0 as well as improvements of existing functionality.
To name a few:

  • (plus) View file changes on the Web (diff)
  • (plus) Enhanced notification policies with more customization
  • (plus) Automatic integration of third-party reporting tools (TW-1665)
  • (plus) Eclipse integration
    • (plus) View status of my changes
    • (plus) Personal builds for subversion
    • (plus) Delayed commit for subversion
  • (plus) Checkout on build agent (for Subversion and CVS)
  • (plus) ClearCase VCS support
  • (plus) MS Team Foundation Server VCS support
  • (plus) Visual Studio integration
    • (plus) View status of my changes
    • (plus) Personal builds for MS TFS
    • (plus) Delayed commit for MS TFS
  • (plus) Agent details information page with possibility to enable/disable agents by administrator
  • (plus) Dependent builds triggering
  • (plus) Ivy integration and dependent builds artifacts exchange
  • (plus) Better and uniform UI to configure Inspections runner and IPR runner on the web
  • (plus) Search for code duplicates on the server-side and
    • (plus) View results in IDEA (Selena)
    • (plus) View results on the Web
  • (plus) Improved IntelliJ IDEA plugin
  • (plus) Possibility to clone project
  • (plus) Improved Maven 2 support
  • (plus) Ant 1.7 support
  • (plus) JUnit 4 support