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New order of intentions

Intentions in the popup lists are divided into three groups (and sorted within each group alphabetically):

  • Quick fixes (red bulb, fixes the red problem in the code)
  • Inspection quick fixes (yellow bulb, deals with the yellow code somehow)
  • Intentions (proposes some action or code transformation)

New action "Goto Action" (Ctrl Shift A)

Find actions available from main menu:


'Include non-menu actions' checkbox includes actions available from toolwindow toolbars/popup menu:

New Committed/Incoming Changes functionality ("TMate replacement")

  • Supported for CVS, Perforce and Subversion
  • Local caching of changes history
  • Grouping (by user or date) and filtering (by user or project structure) support
  • Automatic refresh by timer
  • "Incoming Changes" view shows list of changes not yet downloaded from server
  • Actions to open a committed revision of a file in the editor and to compare the committed revision with the local version