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Build 2021.1.10

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18 Fixed issues
18 Fixed issues
  • SCL-18515 Cannot resolve symbol (symbol is legitimate implicit method)
  • IDEA-255643 Freeze in UAST: Uast should not be used as dataHolder
  • SCL-18674 "Rerun failed test" feature doesn't work on scala Spec2
  • SCL-18283 Bad code green - class takes no type parameters
  • SCL-15855 IDE doesn't highlight type parameter bound violations
  • SCL-10574 Bug in collection inspection
  • SCL-18661 Test Unloading
  • SCL-18698 -source / -target javacOptions from root sbt project shouldn't affect sub-projects during compilation
  • SCL-18677 Enable postfix operator notation compiler option issues
  • SCL-17415 IntelliJ plugin template project for Scala
  • SCL-18613 Make redundant conversion / cast inspections consistent
  • SCL-16204 Support java12 --enable-preview
  • SCL-18633 freeze in compilerReferences.DirtyScopeHolder vfs listener
  • SCL-18605 Make too many/too few type arguments look like for normal arguments
  • SCL-18641 IDEA marks Scala code as Unused expression without side effects when not needed.
  • SCL-16806 Compilation errors not being shown for Type Variables
  • SCL-18360 Improve type parameter/higher kind types highlighting
  • SCL-9841 Collection inspection: convert map.find(_ == k).map(_._2) to map(k)

Build 2020.3.20

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