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Build 2020.3.8

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14 Fixed issues
14 Fixed issues
  • SCL-17958 2020.2 regression - "open class" and "open file" cannot find files
  • SCL-18156 main class not found for new sbt project
  • SCL-17971 error highlighting works very slow in on unknown identifiers with special names `parent`, `children`, `name`
  • SCL-18225 BSP setup: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException
  • SCL-17800 Trailing comma "auto" setting does not work as expected
  • SCL-18261 Optimize Imports on scala code freezes Intellij
  • SCL-18276 Intellij use a lot of CPU, after some time doesn't respond Scala
  • SCL-18274 Plugin is not considered unloaded because of unresolved extension point
  • SCL-18310 Entity source of content root entity and it's module entity differs when creating simple scala sbt project
  • SCL-18252 Improve fruitless-type-check for sealed class/traits in pattern matching
  • SCL-18194 Cannot create CompilerIndicesConfigurable thrown when opening settings from new welcome screen
  • SCL-18209 When I Remove Redundant Conversion, it will also remove the comma just after it
  • SCL-18230 Incorrect inspection warning in Scala
  • SCL-18231 Highlighting error with ranges

Build 2020.3.6

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