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  • What's New in UI Designer in Demetra

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  • Standard Swing layout managers supported:
    • GridBagLayout
    • GridLayout
    • CardLayout
    • BorderLayout
    • FlowLayout
    • BoxLayout
  • New property types supported:
    • Component
    • Icon,
    • Color
    • Font (with independent overriding of name, size and style)
    • ListModel, ComboBoxModel
    • Enum (Java 5)
  • New components in default palette: JSeparator, JProgressBar, JToolBar, JScrollBar.
  • Support for more border types (line and empty) and border properties (size, color, title color/font/position/justification).
  • Support for more properties of JTabbedPane tabs: enabled, icon, disabled icon, tooltip.
  • Design-time support for JToolBar.
  • Support for button groups.
  • Support for client properties, with the possibility to define which properties are available for a specific component class.
  • "Stub" table model shown in JTable instances in design time.