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Build 2020.3.5

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7 Fixed issues
7 Fixed issues
  • SCL-18199 Some project can not be run: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: scala.collection.generic.DefaultSerializationProxy
  • SCL-16162 Support Extension Methods
  • SCL-18210 false positive "Redundant collection conversion" on a string
  • SCL-18159 Play2\lightbend project: Error adding module to project: PersistentId already exists: ModuleId(name=untitled4) appears when creating play project from template
  • SCL-18139 BSP / Bloop - Build Project fails after successful Sync (java.lang.Throwable - project roots have changed)
  • SCL-18211 property key for ScalaInvalidPropertyKeyInspection is not found
  • SCL-18205 TASTy: index .tasy files in libraries

Build 2020.3.1

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