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You can write your scripts in scala and run them within IDEA.

Create new file with .scala extension. Then you can write your script. Editor will be full-featured as you edit any scala class. Also you can use shell-comments in this file for running such scripts directly from your OS.

You can run (if you setted up compiler right) scripts using right-click context menu. Script result you will see in console in the window lower part. Image Removed
 Scala scripts directly from IntelliJ IDEA. Here's a simple step-by-step guide on this:

  1. Create a blank .scala file.
  2. Type some code that makes sense using an intelligent, code-aware editor.

    You can also use shell-style comments in this file if you plan running this script directly from your OS command prompt.

  3. Run your script with a simple Ctrl+Shift+F10 shortcut to see results in console.

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