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Build 700 -> 8??


  • New design of the build results page
  • Users data is migrated to the database
  • Windows NT domain login module (see Team Server FAQ)
  • TW-190 Standalone mode with a default registered build agent
  • TW-93 User login/profile
  • TW-196 No notifications are sent to other users if there is a responsible for the build
  • TW-198 Ability to specify multiple artefact locations
  • TW-102 Server plugins architecture (see Plugin Development page)


  • Many usability improvments/fixes in Web UI
  • TW-214 Non-ASCII comments in web forms

Build 636 -> 700


  • TW-22 Artefacts and build messages storage policy (when artefacts or messages are removed)
  • TW-59 Custom message templates for Email/Jabber notifications for different build types
    See Notificator templates customization for documentation.


  • TW-181 Problem: build agent stuck in update loop
  • TW-186 does not work on OS X out-of-the-box
  • Improve page loading for large build logs in MSIE
  • Text messages after tests passing were not logged at all