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Don't override servicesBug3185Don't replace spaces with NBSP characters in the grader feedbackBlock or alert when user is AnonymousLeading spaces are missing in EduTools task window."Reset task" action resets the stage to emptyMultiple update checker launchPost is_visible status in Hyperskill submissionsFeature2166JCEF: unsupported symbols in Task Descriptions of Hyperskill code problems looks bad in JCEFPsi link
CheckIOTaskBugEDU-3370Support CheckIO mission check with JCEF
TaskEDU-3502Support creating CheckiO course with JCEF
CheckerBugEDU-3349Go: output tasks check fails due to difference in separators
TaskEDU-3309Add links to Troubleshooting guide to error messages
CodeforcesFeatureEDU-3220Reload codeforces task action
Course Selection ViewBugEDU-3439Create course preview dialog: grey line under seetings
BugEDU-3453Make Community courses go before Stepik in tabs view
BugEDU-3430"No content" does not allow to select languages
BugEDU-3531Make course description panel scrollable
Course ViewBugEDU-3411Theory tasks are marked as completed in Course View only after changing its state
EducatorFeatureEDU-2793Option to display "Peek Solution" only after success
BugEDU-3410Theory tasks are marked as completed in Educator mode
BugEDU-3523Course Preview dialog: Start button doesn't work
InfrastructureTaskEDU-35263508"Checking took too much time" on "Check" action if user is logged out
CheckerBugEDU-3521Can't match newline char between python print() output and output.txt while evaluating the task
UsabilityEDU-3580JavaScript: validate nodejs interpreter
Course Selection ViewBugEDU-3584Project settings are not set properly when using "Start" button from courses lists
BugEDU-3598Course Selection View: Course tab: "Start" button works incorrectly
BugEDU-3612Select Course: JBA: "Close" in project settings dialog closes "Browse Courses"
BugEDU-3597"Start" button on individual course panel doesn't close dialog
BugEDU-3585Impossible to start a course after removing its folder from disk
BugEDU-3607Custom project (e.g. JDK) settings are ignored if course list start is used
BugEDU-3603"Create course preview" is broken
BugEDU-3599Course Selection View: Custom course location isn't respected
BugEDU-3610For existing courses incorrect location is shown
UsabilityEDU-3586Use different colors for selected course and course on hover
TaskEDU-3239Use BG_MAIN_COLOR everywhere instead of tool window background color
TaskEDU-3573Proper description for Community and Stepik tabs
EducatorBugEDU-3553Rust: validate new task name in Rust courses
BugEDU-3549Rust: "No such file or directory" error in Event log on empty lesson creating
JB Academy (Hyperskill)FeatureEDU-34023305Support Scala projectscode challenges which have language different from selected project
FeatureEDU-3372Allow storing git object files in the project
BugEDU-33982501If stage has been done correctly once, next stage should be available forever without reference to current state
BugEDU-34473436Do not update the whole course at code problem opening
BugEDU-34423252No code insight in .java file for code problem loaded into just created JB Academy project
BugEDU-33013544IDE opens project stage on "Solve in IDE" action for Code Problem"Error running 'test.js': Cannot find bin file for "package " when pressing check
BugEDU-34353490Create Main.kt file instead of Task.kt when solving Kotlin problems
BugEDU-3377Failed to post solution to JetBrains Academy - Unexpected error: ["All files are hidden. Add at least one visible file"]
BugEDU-3445Encoding error in the error message for the project stage
TaskEDU-34383267Confusing message from IntelliJ plugin if track is changed on JetBrains Academy
BugEDU-2618Hyperskill: Authorization always fails
UsabilityEDU-2806Left arrow in "Problems" should be disabled if first problem is selected
UsabilityEDU-2798Code Chalenges require declaration of the additional classes
Languages or Technologies SupportTaskEDU-Support Cargo workspaces3168Add environment validation
Learner ExperienceBugEDU-3049Significant delay in Browse Courses when selecting any Python course
StepikFeatureEDU-3401Request to support text tasks or at least offer to complete them on Stepik
ExceptionEDU-2320Throwable at
Task DescriptionFeatureEDU-3487Show a link with a clickable image for youtube videos
BugEDU-3522Scrollbar isn't updated when changing Laf in JavaFX panel
BugEDU-34603600Possible UI freezes while posting tweet from the plugin
UsabilityEDU-3571Course loading dialog cannot be canceled
Project GenerationBugEDU-3594Kotlin Koans is broken
BugEDU-3627Import Local Course: "Open" instead "Start" for locally created courses
StepikCosmeticsEDU-3300Submissions panel: colors are not adjusted in High Contrast theme
Task DescriptionBugEDU-35153614CheckPanel: use the same links color
BugEDU-35293388Scaling in JavaFx task description tool window doesn't work in JCEF
BugEDU-34913361Pressing "hint" block make nearest following strong(**text**)highlight not working
BugEDU-3615Improve problems task description pane unresponsible
YAMLBugEDU-3591Improve framework lessons title
BugEDU-1913Remove LoadFromConfig action once everything work automatically3421Task contents & check result is rewritten simultaneously
UsabilityEDU-3494Change link from 'Show Full Output' to 'Hide Output' when Check Details tool window with output is opened
TaskEDU-3587Add "Open on JetBrains Academy" link to task description for project stages