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  • What's New in UI Designer in Demetra

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  • Automatic creation of grids when components are dropped on the form. No more "Lay Out in Grid / Break Layout" actions.
  • Automatic insertion of grid cells when creating or moving components.
  • Improved visual feedback when creating or moving components.
  • Automatic deletion of empty grid cells after moving or deleting a component.
  • Possibility to modify row/col span of components in a grid container by drag&drop resizing.
  • Copying components by Ctrl-dragging.
  • Resizable column and row captions for grid containers.
  • Possibility to choose insert destination on paste action.
  • Spacers are automatically added when the first component is dropped into a grid container.

Complete support for Swing features


  • ASM library used instead of BCEL for bytecode instrumentation.
  • Generation of code using standard GridBagLayout instead of IDEA's custom LayoutManager.
  • Support for indented components.
  • Support for nested forms. A form which has a binding for a top-level component can be added to another form even if the class bound to the nested form is not a JComponent.
  • Support for "Align grid with parent" layout option.

UI Inspections

  • Missing mnemonic
  • Duplicate mnemonic
  • Adjacent radio buttons not grouped
  • No label for component
  • Scrollable component not in ScrollPane