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Build 2020.2.7

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14 Fixed issues
14 Fixed issues
  • SCL-11011 Don't list excessive parentheses in auto-complete list
  • SCL-17375 Enable in-editor Scaladoc rendering
  • SCL-17457 Indent insertion when typing '.' disobeys code style settings
  • SCL-17544 quick doc: links are not added in many different cases
  • SCL-17546 quick navigate info: do not add `with Object` to class without base Object
  • SCL-17534 Scala codestyle ignore SPACE_BEFORE_IF_PARENTHESES property
  • SCL-17543 quick doc: escape type parameter bounds in extends/with list
  • SCL-17557 quick doc: wrong space position for access modifier with this
  • SCL-17519 Pass -P:semanticdb:sourceroot:$PROJECTDIR to the compiler if semanticdb-scalac is enabled
  • SCL-17605 scaladoc tags style should be unified with JavaDoc style
  • SCL-17563 quick doc: higher-kinded types are not rendered properly
  • SCL-17608 scaladoc: @throws annotation exception is duplicated
  • SCL-7725 When listing members of a class, generics syntax is bad escaped
  • SCL-8760 Wrong documentation is shown in editor

Build 2020.2.5

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