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  • ReSharper 2.0 Features

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  • (plus)(minus) Highlighting of all syntax errors
  • (plus) Highlighting of redundant down-casts
  • (plus) Highlighting of invalid format strings
  • (plus)(minus) Lot of new quickfixes

Live Templates


  • (plus) Support of unit tests (running/debugging unit tests, navigation from exception stacktraces and more)
  • (plus) Auto-popup code completion on typing (as in VS2005)
  • (plus) Code completion for preprocessor directives
  • (plus) Code completion in namespace declarations
  • (plus) Generate Equals() & HashCode()
  • (plus) Implement Members: optionally generate fields for implemented properties
  • (minus) Make stubs that are generated for method bodies customizable
  • (minus) (plus)(minus) Action to implement given abstract member in one of implementors
  • (plus) Type Hierarchy
  • (plus) File structure view with regions, drag&drop etc