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Build 2020.1.29

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10 Fixed issues
10 Fixed issues
  • SCL-17372 Plugin failed to save settings and has been disabled.
  • SCL-16994 remove unused element breaks formatting for parameters, placing them on a single line
  • SCL-17256 sometimes first request to compiler server fails
  • SCL-17385 Show compiler-based highlighting progress in the status bar if compilation is too long
  • SCL-17370 Add possibility to cancel compilation for highlighting
  • SCL-17409 text error
  • SCL-17147 Remove Parameter starts refactoring in write action (EA-222951)
  • SCL-17392 Not calculate implicit hints if compiler-based highlighting is enabled
  • SCL-17297 build is failing for scala 3 project on jdk 11 and compiler with jdk 8
  • SCL-17326 Activate SafeDelete for parameters

Build 2020.1.27

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