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You can setup auto-update of Scala plugin EAP builds in IntelliJ IDEA.
Simply select desired update channel from a drop-down menu at "Updates" tab in Scala plugin settings page.

Or if you cannot do it from plugin settings add "" to custom repositories in Settings -> Plugins -> Browse custom repositories


Build 2020.1.12

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116 Fixed issues
116 Fixed issues
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* [SCL-15408|] can't resolve symbol ++:
* [SCL-15697|] Highlight redundant parameter in a final, private, or local method
* [SCL-16946|] language injections: Property escape sequences are not supported in this regex dialect
* [SCL-16562|] Scala 2.13 -Yimports option is not recognized
* [SCL-16610|] show bsp diagnostics in editor
* [SCL-15428|] "sbt-based" Scala library downloader hangs and cannot be stopped
* [SCL-17087|] Cannot set breakpoint in Scala files
* [SCL-17124|] Can not open the Settings window
* [SCL-16604|] support jps compilation for dotty
* [SCL-16916|] Cannot load file if ScalaDoc contains {@}
* [SCL-16431|] Unapplied method should not have function type
* [SCL-16965|] Exception when trying to compile project with latest scala nightly plugin - 2020.1.344
* [SCL-16819|] Tooltips persist indefinitely
* [SCL-17014|] Java OOM  when building scala plugin in recent intellij IDEA
* [SCL-16789|] Good code red: case class unapply
* [SCL-15512|] wrong gutter `overrides type` for types
* [SCL-14662|] BSP: infer shared source directories
* [SCL-16691|] IDE should autocomplete basic pattern-matching expressions
* [SCL-16611|] use TASTY produced by dotc for IDE features
* [SCL-17065|] Localization: org.jetbrains.sbt
* [SCL-16831|] formatter moves else to the preceding line comment breaking code semantics
* [SCL-17055|] Suggest map.contains(x) for map.get(x).nonEmpty
* [SCL-16439|] BSP+Bloop: Start Bloop through Launcher
* [SCL-15549|] wrap if/else/ try/finally for/yield do/while bodies in {} on typing {
* [SCL-15806|] Build plugin for JDK 11
* [SCL-16898|] Annotator: function literals: don't infer type when parameter type is not known
* [SCL-16890|] Scala 2.13 good code red regression for
* [SCL-17002|] AnyFeatureSpec in Scalatest 3.1: Cannot run individual scenarios
* [SCL-16073|] 'Clear results in worksheet' works only after touching idea menu
* [SCL-16901|] Annotator: don't show type mismatch for whole function literal when result type doesn't match
* [SCL-16904|] Function literal: when possible, highlight parameter type(s) / count, not the type of the whole function literal
* [SCL-16905|] can't resolve Object methods
* [SCL-16745|] freeze in ScalaLibraryType.createNewLibrary
* [SCL-16858|] BSP: fetching test classes should get them from all project-associated workspaces
* [SCL-16855|] externalIconProvider for sbt
* [SCL-16856|] externalIconProvider for BSP
* [SCL-16921|] use bundles in compiler settings
* [SCL-16922|] use bundles in refactoring settings
* [SCL-16924|] use bundles in code style settings
* [SCL-16925|] use bundles in worksheets
* [SCL-16168|] Support Quotes and Splices
* [SCL-16169|] Support changed syntax of wildcard arguments in types
* [SCL-15544|] Type ascription: highlight type, not expression
* [SCL-16285|] Automatic sbt export with Bloop
* [SCL-16764|] Support auto-import in BSP
* [SCL-17078|] Local import statement breaks the type mismatch highlighting mechanism
* [SCL-16821|] BSP: improved connection management
* [SCL-16820|] Good code is red: Use trait to return Tuple option
* [SCL-16953|] Internal inspection: replace `getText == s` with `textMatches(s)` for PsiElement
* [SCL-17105|] external project import: shows "sbt project detected" when importing via BSP (or other system)
* [SCL-16958|] bsp-via-sbt import: does not upgrade sbt version automatically
* [SCL-17062|] Localization: testSupport, Worksheet and Scala REPL
* [SCL-17063|] Localization: bsp module
* [SCL-9271|] In interactive mode add compilation error status somewhere
* [SCL-17061|] Localization: codeInsight/codeInspection
* [SCL-17066|] ScalaTest - run individual test regression for non nested FreeSpec tests
* [SCL-17064|] Localization: play module
* [SCL-17058|] Override ConfigurationFactory::getId method i to avoid problems with localizations
* [SCL-15791|] can't resolve symbol uTest when creating a new test
* [SCL-16839|] Autocomplete in formatted string doesn't work at the end
* [SCL-17113|] manually replacing imports with placeholder import marks import as unused
* [SCL-17057|] Tests failing due to incomptaible JDK/sbt bersions
* [SCL-17051|] Can't create a method out of the method call inside a Scala Worksheet
* [SCL-16435|] live templates for a implicit class / implicit value class
* [SCL-15803|] "Extend Selection" action in interpolated string literals needs improvement
* [SCL-16165|] Support changed Vararg Patterns
* [SCL-16802|] error on overloaded java static method call at constructor parameter position
* [SCL-16977|] BSP "build on file save" does not work
* [SCL-16630|] Auto-test does not work with BSP "build on file save"
* [SCL-16481|] IDE doesn't align the `else` clause in the method body in Scala Worksheets
* [SCL-16735|] make sure PropertyFoldingBuilder works for scala via UAST
* [SCL-17041|] UAST building may be invoked on edt during typing
* [SCL-16733|] no-dialog import for BSP: New ... / Project from existing sources
* [SCL-17036|] Remove migrators
* [SCL-16722|] Unify code folding settings layout with one of other languages
* [SCL-16816|] Typing a Period in a Comment Section Causes Intellisense to Kick In
* [SCL-16817|] Control cache behavior of cache macros with parameter
* [IDEA-229963|] i18n keys inappropriate key usage
* [SCL-13712|] SBT compilation errors should strip ANSI color codes
* [SCL-16962|] generated forms contain dummy border at the top
* [SCL-17136|] Assertion error when showing folded preview with chain inside
* [SCL-17039|] exhaustive match is not suggested for Either of ADT
* [SCL-16899|] Don't show type a mismatch error when there's a parser error
* [SCL-16120|] internal profiler column filter shouldn't be reset on changing mouse focus
* [SCL-16897|] exception from ScalaUnusedSymbolInspection: Non-physical PsiElement...
* [SCL-16893|] Type mismatch hints: handle expressions before `else` keyword
* [SCL-17072|] Misleading breakpoints inside a Scala Worksheet
* [SCL-17006|] BSP project refresh disabled after failed refresh
* [SCL-16844|] ProjectComponents should be removed
* [SCL-16739|] Quick fix: add type annotation to anonymous function parameter doesn't work when a caret is just after the parameter
* [SCL-16717|] underscore before string literal is parsed like interpolated string prefix
* [SCL-17028|] Worksheet turns green when closing the project
* [SCL-16868|] pasting into a comment inside a specs2 test deletes the comment
* [SCL-16099|] overriding deprecated method inspection
* [SCL-17021|] Do not use constructor injection
* [SCL-17148|] No type mismatch when there's a tailing import statement in a block
* [SCL-16982|] BSP sbt-over-bloop import: import with dependency sources
* [SCL-16908|] Internal inspection: replace `getText.contains` with `textContains` for PsiElement
* [SCL-16877|] compiling evaluator doesn't always work if there are new classes defined
* [SCL-16903|] Type mismatch hints: handle expressions before `}`
* [SCL-16907|] do not show BSP icon in non-bsp project
* [SCL-17092|] line comment inside if/else breaks indentation of else branch
* [SCL-16786|] worksheet in plain mode hangs when editing in interactive mode and while indexing is in progress
* [SCL-17097|] implement incremental highlighting for scala files
* [SCL-6279|] Method Override for Trait Using Self-Reference Not Recognized
* [SCL-16870|] incomplete declarations break parsing of subsequent code
* [SCL-17060|] Localization: lang/editor/findUsages
* [SCL-16171|] Support new Pattern Bindings with type ascriptions and case in for
* [SCL-14460|] trait parameters support
* [SCL-17001|] BSP: option to disable automatic bloopInstall for sbt projects
* [SCL-16849|] Type mismatch hints: handle arguments in right-associative infix expressions
* [SCL-16930|] add type annotation suppression doesn't work for package object
* [SCL-17089|] Highlighting error on function usage with signature def foo[T <: AutoCloseable, V](r: => T)(f: T => V): V
* [SCL-17085|] Presentation compiler reports error for correct code
* [SCL-16873|] Write-unsafe context when toggling type aware highlighting and power-save mode
* [SCL-16874|] show an error if vararg pattern is used in the middle of the pattern arguments list

Build 2020.1.10

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