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Build 2020.1.9

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17 Fixed issues
17 Fixed issues
  • SCL-15428 "sbt-based" Scala library downloader hangs and cannot be stopped
  • SCL-17014 Java OOM when building scala plugin in recent intellij IDEA
  • SCL-16604 support jps compilation for dotty
  • SCL-16901 Annotator: don't show type mismatch for whole function literal when result type doesn't match
  • SCL-16904 Function literal: when possible, highlight parameter type(s) / count, not the type of the whole function literal
  • SCL-16073 'Clear results in worksheet' works only after touching idea menu
  • SCL-16946 language injections: Property escape sequences are not supported in this regex dialect
  • SCL-16171 Support new Pattern Bindings with type ascriptions and case in for
  • SCL-14460 trait parameters support
  • SCL-16924 use bundles in code style settings
  • SCL-16481 IDE doesn't align the `else` clause in the method body in Scala Worksheets
  • SCL-16169 Support changed syntax of wildcard arguments in types
  • SCL-16802 error on overloaded java static method call at constructor parameter position
  • SCL-9271 In interactive mode add compilation error status somewhere
  • SCL-15544 Type ascription: highlight type, not expression
  • SCL-13712 SBT compilation errors should strip ANSI color codes
  • SCL-16168 Support Quotes and Splices

Build 2020.1.8

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