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Also for Maven build configurations the new tab "Maven" is added which displays significant data gathered from the Maven project.

Migration, Backup & Restore

We added backup & restore to simplify TeamCity maintenance. Also the migration tool was re-implemented.

Backup can be started from UI and from command line, restore and migration can be started from command line only.

Backup can work without TeamCity server stopping (only in case of external database).
Right now backup can be started manually only, but we plan to allow backup starting by HTTP request too. Restore can be done from the command line only.

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Start build with custom artifact dependencies

If your build has artifact dependencies to other build configurations then in the Run custom build dialog you can now choose concrete builds to depend on.

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Or you can do the same the other way. Go to a build which artifacts you want to use, choose "Promote..." action from the actions menu and start a build depending on this build by artifact dependencies.

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These features are useful for various Deploy/Install/Publish-like configurations.

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Single change status page improvements