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Build 2019.3.9

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17 Fixed issues
17 Fixed issues
  • SCL-14630 private variable rename refactor is broken
  • SCL-16073 'Clear results in worksheet' works only after touching idea menu
  • SCL-16349 IDE breaks the alignment in Scala Worksheets by adding unnecessary empty new lines
  • SCL-16397 Convert counting loops properly
  • SCL-16081 IDE provides an incorrect type annotation for a public method
  • SCL-16367 Can't perform a refactoring by renaming a method in the base class/trait using Scala Worksheets
  • SCL-11367 Excessive code fir "for" loop convertation
  • SCL-16386 worksheet repl: broken fold regions in the output document in case of several expressions on a single line
  • SCL-16325 Run ScalaTest with coverage disabled
  • SCL-16398 Support symbols completion in commit text
  • SCL-16411 Classes/members completion in VCS commit messages
  • SCL-16392 worksheet in repl mode adds some leading spaces after editingthe file
  • SCL-16420 worksheet fold region splitter is rendered wrongly on scrolling
  • SCL-16350 IDE stops evaluating code in a Scala Worksheet even though there's been a change in the code
  • SCL-11646 REPL Worksheet Definition of top level companion objects
  • SCL-16415 worksheet edit/view editors splitter is not rendered for the first line
  • SCL-16385 multiple gutters in case of several expressions on a single line

Build 2019.2.36

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