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  1. Make sure you have C compiler and C headers/libraries packages installed (on Ubuntu, `sudo apt install libc6-dev gcc` should be enough).
  2. Download all '*.h', '*.c', and '' files from and execute `sh` in the directory with downloaded files.
  3. Copy the compiled 'fsnotifier-$ARCH' binary into the 'bin/' directory of your IDE (here, '$ARCH' is the output of `uname -m` on your system).todo 'inotify' settings
  4.  Adjust inotify(7) instances and watches limits.
  5. Start the IDE and invoke "Help | Edit Custom Properties" action (or Configure | Edit Custom Properties from the welcome screen) and add the following line: `idea, then restart the IDE:
    idea.filewatcher.executable.path = fsnotifier-$ARCH`, then restart the IDE.$ARCH

Alternatively, you may copy the compiled file to any location outside the IDE and specify a full path to it in the `idea.filewatcher.executable.path` line (handy when you have more than one IDE installed on your system).