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Build 2019.2.15

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9 Fixed issues
9 Fixed issues
  • SCL-15250 Use inlay type ascription to indicate type mismatch
  • SCL-15917 "Run with test coverage" is grayed out in 2019.2
  • SCL-15630 Auto-completion completes for the wrong type
  • SCL-15911 wrong quickfix for unnecessary parentheses inspection
  • SCL-15812 Good code red & code completion fails : nested tuple method calls
  • SCL-11382 Create method intention with named arguments doesn't work
  • SCL-15795 error highlighting in for-comprehensions works wrong when editing code
  • SCL-15614 Good code red - tuple member multiplication
  • SCL-15900 Type diff: prefix same-looking simple names

Build 2019.2.14

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